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ALEC Study

Ageing Lungs in European Cohorts

Data from the ECRHS is an integral part of the ALEC Study, which will improve our understanding of risk factors for low lung function, respiratory disability and the development of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD).



Respiratory Health In Northern Europe, Spain and Australia

RHINESSA investigates the children and parents of the participants of large international studies (RHINE and ECRHS) in 7 countries. These studies have investigated lung health, allergies and associated diseases over the last 20 years.



Swiss study on Air Pollution and Lung Disease in Adults

SAPALDIA is a cohort study in the Swiss population, which studies the effects of air pollution on the respiratory and cardiovascular health in adults.

GEIRD Study Logo


Gene Environment Interactions in Respiratory Disease

GEIRD is a multidisciplinary project aimed at collecting information on biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress, individual and ecological exposures (outdoor and indoor air pollutants), diet, early-life factors, genetic traits and medication use, in large-scale series of accurately defined phenotypes of asthma, rhinitis and COPD

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